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How we help you

Through quantitative and qualitative studies, we grant you the insights into your product’s effectiveness and its perception among your customers.

Our expertise

Unleash the Power of Quantitative and Qualitative Consumer Tests for Cosmetics.

Quantitative Tests

Cosmetic Acceptability
Cosmetic Efficacy
Sensory Study
Formula Validation
Packaging Evaluation
Use Test

Qualitative Tests

Claim Validation
1-on-1 Interviews
Focus Group
Exploratory Study
Concept Testing
Packaging Test

Marketing claims substantiation

Substantiating marketing claims for your cosmetic products is crucial in Singapore. Here’s why:

Build Objective Trust

Singaporean consumers are becoming more discerning and value accurate information when making purchasing decisions. By substantiating your claims, you establish trust with consumers, boosting your brand’s credibility and reputation.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Singapore has strict regulations and guidelines for cosmetics, overseen by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA). By substantiating your claims, you ensure compliance with these regulations, reducing the risk of penalties or product recalls.

Gain a Competitive Edge

In a saturated market, substantiated marketing claims help differentiate your cosmetic products from competitors. When you provide evidence supporting the effectiveness or benefits of your products, consumers feel more confident in choosing your brand over others.

Protect Your Brand

Making false or misleading claims can lead to legal consequences, damage your brand’s reputation, and even result in lawsuits. By substantiating your claims, you minimize the risk of legal disputes and protect your business from potential liabilities.

Leverage Scientific Validation

Substantiating claims involves conducting thorough studies to validate the effectiveness and safety of your cosmetic products. This process not only supports your marketing efforts but also provides valuable insights for product improvement and innovation.

Demonstrate Ethical Responsibility

Substantiating your claims demonstrates your commitment to ethical business practices, transparency, and consumer protection. It showcases your dedication to providing truthful and accurate information to consumers.

They trust us

You’re in good company.

Our in-house panel

Meet the proprietary panel powering our research

5 000 testers in Singapore (2 million worldwide)
Aged between 18-70
Multi-ethnic: Chinese, Indian, Malay…
160 + data per consumer, such as:

GenderAgeComplexionEthnicitySkin typeSkin sensitivitySkin concernsConsumer behaviourAnd many more…


The Tolerance Database

All our studies’ results (19.000 for Singapore only) are automatically recorded in our database, granting our clients exclusive insights into their product’s positioning among a particular product range in terms of:

Overall evaluation markType of discomfortType of intoleranceDiscomfort & intolerance influence over the overall evaluationPercentage of dropoutReasons behind dropoutsAnd many more…

Substantiate your marketing claims

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