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From lab to market

We help bridge the gap between
the developer’s and the marketer’s visions

to ensure that your product retains its essential qualities
while maximising your customers’ satisfaction.

Qualitative Studies
  • Claim validation & creation
  • 1-on-1 interviews
  • Focus group
  • Exploratory study
  • Concept testing
  • Packaging test
Quantitative Studies
  • Cosmetic acceptability
  • Cosmetic efficacy
  • Sensory study
  • Formula validation
  • Packaging evaluation
  • Use test

The panel

Meet the proprietary panel
powering our research

4 000 testers in Singapore (2 million worldwide)
Aged between 18-70
Multi-ethnic: Chinese, Indian, Malay…
160 + data per consumer, such as:

GenderAgeComplexionEthnicitySkin typeSkin sensitivitySkin concernsConsumer behaviourAnd many more…


The Tolerance Database

All our studies’ results (19.000 for Singapore only) are automatically recorded in our database, granting our clients exclusive insights into their product’s positioning among a particular product range in terms of:

Overall evaluation markType of discomfortType of intoleranceDiscomfort & intolerance influence over the overall evaluationPercentage of dropoutReasons behind dropoutsAnd many more…

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