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Case study

Quantitative Test for a Lightening Night Cream in Singapore

Our Client’s Need

Our client sought to evaluate the efficacy, cosmetic qualities, and tolerance of their lightening night cream in the Singaporean market. They aimed to understand how the product performed in reducing dark spots, its overall acceptance, and any potential adverse reactions among consumers.

How We Helped

  • We conducted a monadic simple quantitative test involving 34 Asian volunteers aged 18 to 60, with various skin types and pigmentation issues.
  • The study lasted for 30 days, during which participants used the cream on their face, neckline, and hands.
  • We employed an online self-completion questionnaire to gather data before and after the test period, ensuring a thorough analysis of the product’s impact.

Main Takeaways


  • Dark spots on the face and hands significantly reduced by 108% and 109%, respectively, after 30 days.
  • Over 75% of participants noticed an improvement in skin hydration, suppleness, and evenness of skin tone.

Cosmetic Qualities

  • The cream was well-received for its non-greasy, lightweight texture.
  • 97% found it pleasant to apply, with 91% appreciating its quick absorption and light texture.
  • The scent was liked by 88% of users.


  • The product exhibited moderate tolerance.
  • About 30% of participants experienced discomforts such as tingling or dry skin, while 24% reported intolerances including redness, pimples, and itching.

Overall Appreciation:

  • The cream received a good overall rating of 6.8 out of 10.
  • 81.8% were satisfied with the product, and 75.8% would consider purchasing it if reasonably priced.

This comprehensive study provided the client with valuable insights into the product’s performance and consumer acceptance, guiding future improvements and marketing strategies.