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Our beauty advice is made to help you better understand your skin and protect it.

Millenials reshaped the cosmetic industry
How Millennials have reshaped the cosmetic industry.

Constantly looking for change in beauty trends and innovative products, millennials have deeply reshaped the landscape of the cosmetic industry. How? Well, this phenomenon could be attributed to the main…

The truth about SPF, no filter.

We have all been told about the importance of using sunscreen; it protects our skin from the harmful rays that could cause the unwanted, such as dark spots, dull skin…

Why you shouldn’t wear face masks everyday.

Face masks are quickly becoming an essential step in most of our skincare routines. They come in forms of sheets, clay, peels… Depending on our skin, there are different masks…

Why Koreans don’t need deodorants.

In Singapore, body odour is a subject that many do not discuss or try to understand the reason behind it. Deodorant is a necessity for us, in our hot and…

How to keep eye circles at bay?

We all hate that darkness under the eye, Can we fix it or get rid of it? All of us know the causes of Dark eye circles; fatigue, age, exposure…

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