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Do I have to pay to become a product tester?

Being a panelist is free, and forever will be. On top of that, the products tested will be given to you in their actual size as they will be sold in the market. Sign up today.

How does the selection process work?

Are the products tested safe?

All products being tested have undergone clinical and dermatological tests, ensuring that the product you get is as safe as purchasing it directly from the counter.

Where are the products tested from?

The products we put out on test are provided by leading global cosmetic brands.

I just finished my test, when can I collect my voucher?

Your voucher collection usually takes place 3 weeks after the end of your test. Please note that vouchers are only given if all questionnaires are submitted on time. A SMS reminder will be sent to notify you.

Why do I have to wait two months before I can test again?

Our 2 months hiatus policy aims to ensure that your skin gets well rested and that your last test won’t impact the efficacy of the next study.

What happens if I have a reaction?

Shall a reaction occur during the test, kindly inform us before stopping the test.

How can I know the brand and name of the product I just tested?

Tested products are given in neutral packaging to prevent influence on your opinion towards the product.

A product’s brand and name shall only be made available to us once the product has been launched in the market, 6 to 9 months after the test. Feel free to drop us an e-mail so we can record your interest.

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