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Constantly looking for change in beauty trends and innovative products, millennials have deeply reshaped the landscape of the cosmetic industry. How? Well, this phenomenon could be attributed to the main game changer: social media.

Less is more

Millennials have adopted the less is more attitude when purchasing skin care or makeup. For instance, full coverage foundations have been replaced with lightweight formulas and tinted moisturizers that let the skin breathe while providing a flawless finish.

Organic and cruelty free

All in the name of natural, you might have noticed an increased awareness for products that are natural, organic and cruelty- free. You must be wondering why? Millennials make up around 30% of the world’s population and are arguably the most concerned generation when it comes to environmental sustainability and social issues. They constantly worry about how their choices will affect the environment. They are also more likely to spend on cruelty-free products that do not contain harmful chemicals and products that are not tested on animals.

What’s so unique about millennial skin care?

When it comes to millennial skin care or makeup, many of the choices made are consciously focused on protecting and ensuring their well-being. However there are several factors that make millennial cosmetics in general different from other categories of cosmetics:

  • Affordability
  • Unique application of the products

This has recently seen an increased spur of products that are 2 in 1 or have unique application methods. Many cosmetic brands have jumped on the bandwagon for products such as, overnight sleeping masks, found-cealer, tinted moisturizers to name a few.

  • Decision-making (buying habits)

Instagram? Facebook? Youtube? One way or another we definitely use at least one of them. Influencers and reviews spread across all social media platforms are highly influential in millennials making choices when it comes to buying cosmetics.

  • Time saving

Have you heard many millennials complaining they don’t have enough time or they are lazy to apply a face mask for 15 minutes? It’s not uncommon, that’s why when it comes to millennial cosmetics, they are big on products that multi-task.

Here you have it! Millennials have deeply reshaped the landscape of the cosmetic industry, and something tells us it’s just the beginning.