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If you’ve experienced the untimely departure of your favourite bottle of serum, by dropping, spilling or getting it confiscated when you go through bag checks at the airport, we feel you! It is time to address these issues and welcome solid skin care.

What is solid skincare?

Solid skincare is basically our skincare products made into solid versions. They are often made with some form of wax (beeswax, sheabutter) to give it a solid form. Often seen in shapes similar to a lipstick, it can also include products such as cleansers, serums, moisturizers, sunscreen, shampoos etc.

How does solid skincare fair against our usual skincare products?


When comparing the texture of a gel moisturizer versus a solid moisturizer, you might notice that the solid version feels heavier and harder to spread or clean off due to the wax it contains; a property which could also affect the application of your makeup after. And just like your usual skincare products, it might contain ingredients that some might be allergic to.

Absorption rate

When it comes to skincare, one of the most important factors of efficacy is the absorption rate of the product.

If you’re worried that the wax might inhibit the absorption of the skin care benefits, fret not, the absorbency is the same as liquid skincare.

On top of that, solid skincare’s consistency lasts longer due to the waxes in its formulation, which essentially makes the product waterproof.

So if you’d rather have your makeup last the whole day without having to touch-up, then solid skincare might just do the trick for you, especially if you’re constantly outdoors or at the gym.


Due to the nature of solid skincare, it requires less waiting time for drying and layering your products, which could greatly reduce the time spent on your skincare routine in the morning.

The form of these solid skincare products also provides us with considerable convenience when travelling due to the restrictions placed on liquid allowances.


The solid skin care trend is definitely picking up, as we are seeing more and more versions of our usual skincare products being converted to solid forms.

The whole idea is that it may be radically different, but its minimalist approach and convenience is something that may definitely win the hearts of many. So, why not give it a try? Become a SYRES tester and start testing your favourite brands’ upcoming products, sign up here!