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Flights can be long and dreadful, especially with what it does to your skin. Nothing seems to be adequate to keep the skin’s hydration up. Having said that, this leaves us wondering how those celebrities get off their flights looking so fresh and radiant?

If you’re someone who suffers from puffy, irritated and dry skin after a long flight, here’s a breakdown on what you can do to prevent this:

Step 8: Removing your make-up.

Remove all traces of make-up with a trusted oil or water base remover to provide nourishment but at the same time provide a deep cleanse.

Step 7: Spritz away.

The high altitude makes your skin dry, therefore having a trusted mist could go a long way in keeping your skin on point. Spraying mists helps prep the skin for the other skin care products, while maintaining healthy levels of hydration which the skin needs.

Step 6: Don’t forget the serum

Air in the cabin usually contains little oxygen, which tends to dehydrate, deplete and devitalise our skin. Among other things, this could cause dry, irritated and even discomforts. To ensure a good skin protection, opt for an antioxidant serum that could help protect the skin from environmental aggressors.

Step 5: Oil it!

If you are aren’t a fan of facial oils – because they tend to be too oily in terms of feel and texture – long flights might just be the occasion to reconsider. Facial oils can help keep your skin moist and nourished as well.

Step 4: Masking.

If you decide to watch a movie on your flight, this would be a great time to throw on a sheet mask and just sit back and relax!

Step 3: Moisturizers are a must.

Now that your show’s over and you’re preparing to rest, be sure to layer up with a rich moisturer that will keep your skin moist and hydrated, protecting it from the dry and air-conditioned cabin air.

Step 2: Drink up!

Drink loads of water to hydrate yourself and stay away from alcohol, coffee and salty food as this could encourage water retention and puffiness.

Step 1: Sleep time!

This is essential as sleep helps maintain a good complexion. To ensure you get a good uninterrupted sleep, pack an eye sleep mask and ear plugs to keep the light and noise out.