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With Singapore in circuit breaker mode, most of us are confined home. But it doesn’t mean we should let our skin down! Here are 7 tips to help us maintain good skin practices:

Keep stress in check.

Social distancing has caused people to become isolated. For some, separation from friends and family can be stressful, and in turn, lead to facial breakouts and premature aging. Fire up Facetime and check on your relatives, your mental health will thank you, as will your skin!

Keep active.

Keep active as you are confined at home, it’s important! Exercise increases the influx of blood flow and oxygen to your face. This improves your skin and helps relieve some of the stress.

Eat healthy.

Make sure to use this extra time at home to show off those cooking skills, or turn to Gordon Ramsay otherwise. Remember, a balanced diet is a crucial part in having good skin. In order words, stay away from junk food and finish your veggies.

Stay hydrated.

Drinking water can improve our complexion and overall skin health. How so? Turns out water helps our digestive system flush out toxins from our body. It’s time to get your H2O fix!

Avoid touching your face.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, advisories have placed a lot of emphasis on not touching your face. Although most of us are confined to our homes, this does not mean we should neglect this rule. Not touching our face is actually a great practice to prevent the spread of dirt and other bacteria to our facial skin.

Get enough sleep.

Sleep is crucial for good skin health, as it allows the body to regenerate, synthesize and repair cells. Sleep can help produce collagen which is an essential component of skin maintenance. Our work routine has changed, but it is essential to maintain good sleeping habits!

DIY mask up.

A great way to pass the time or bond with your family can be through DIY masking. There are so many combinations you can try, with ingredients that you most certainly already have at home. Check out our Instagram page for weekly DIY masks recipes and sign up to our panel to start testing cosmetics from the comfort of your home, even during CB! Stay safe!