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Every country we visit has different views on beauty, but one thing that we have in common are, choices and variety. Take Singapore for instance, totally obsessed with Korean beauty regimes with many Korean brands setting up in sunny Singapore.

According to, the top 5 destinations Singaporeans travel to frequently are: Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bali, Bangkok. If you have decided on one of the destinations, fret not, we got your covered, at least beauty wise!

Seoul, South Korea.

First on our list is Seoul, as we all know, Korea is currently taking the world by storm with its innovative and interesting beauty regimes. Some of the best trends include cushions and overnight sleeping masks… if you are heading to Korea soon, be sure to include this on your must have list!

Be on lookout for Son & Park’s Beauty Water, a highly raved multi-tasking product that can be used as a toner and gentle exfoliant in the morning to prep for skin care and to create a smoother surface for makeup.

At night, Beauty Water can be used as a cleansing water to thoroughly remove makeup, dirt, and oil. This product has been said to brighten, hydrate and soothe the skin’s complexion. It can be found at any Olive and Young or Aland stores.

Tokyo, Japan.

Welcome to the land of minimalist skin care routines, which is quite opposite from our Korean counterparts who believe in a 10 step skin care routine.

In Japan less is more and you’ll soon realize that when you visit beauty stores. Japanese skin care products are renowned all around the world for their quality, effectiveness and innovation. That does not only apply to high-end branded products, but also to those found at the drugstore.

Transino clear wash! Transino is a skincare range by Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare, one of the biggest medical companies in Japan. The medicated face wash has creamy texture, and helps remove old skin cells, freckles and skin spot and brighten up the skin tone.

Hong Kong

When we think of Hong Kong, beauty products might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But you’ll be surprised with the quality and availability of indie local brands.

Our recommended product is Herbal Legend, a hair care brand that believes in herbology to cure our hair voes. Herbal Legend creates herbal hair care products that are inspired by Chinese herbology and also conform to EU cosmetic standards.

Their two famous ranges are The Ginseng & Green Shampoo & Conditioner (which contains ginseng root extract used to promote healthy hair growth) and The Fleece Flower Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner which contains radix polygoni multiflori root extract, a powerful antioxidant that helps darken hair and reduce signs of greying. 

Bali, Indonesia

When we think of Bali, our mind immediately thinks of escaping to a paradise island, where culture and serenity come hand in hand.

This paradise island is also known for its spas and massages using locally blended and sourced ingredients. These ingredients include essential oils, flowers (frangipani) and fruits. They believe in harnessing the power of nature to soothe the skin and provide overall wellness.

If you’re looking to bring back a part of the experience from Bali, look out for Lulur Mandi (body scrub) Purbasari, they have a wide variety of scrubs such as green tea, olive oil, milk and yam, herbal, pearl, squalane.

Bangkok, Thailand

Many of us love Bangkok for its good food and cheap shopping. Markets are a thing that’s truly special to Thailand, selling anything from clothes, food, and even furniture. But let’s not forget our trips to the drugstores in Bangkok.

And on the shelves you’ll notice a renowned and legendary Thai cosmetic brand: Srichand. They have been around since 1948, producing powders that can be mixed with water and used in form of mask.

This skin care range was developed with research to address oily skin as its main mission. So next time you’re in Bangkok, head to the drugstore for this highly loved powder.